Do you want to make sure you have made the right decisions about architectural style, colours, materials, room sizes and layout? Our 3D design process brings every feature of your new home or renovation to life.

Our 3D design process is the solution for you. We ensure that:

  • Your furniture is included in the design to make sure it fits and is able to be placed where you want it to be.
  • A fly-around allows you to view the exterior architectural style from every angle.
  • A virtual tour will show you the interior of every room.
  • The 360° photo panorama from your block shows the actual view looking out from each window.
  • The 3D of the kitchen allows you to see and arrange the placement of cupboards, draws and appliances.
  • Outdoor living spaces are included to give you the complete picture.

Each image in our gallery was produced for one of our clients to help them with the decision making process.